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Did You Know?

By Tina Barbour

Did you know? Johan Sebastian Bach lost his little daughter and then three sons and then his wife. Then he remarried and then he and his second wife, Anna-Magdalena, lost four more daughters and three sons. Eleven beloved children...

Many researchers have wondered: how Bach managed to handle these losses? How did he not stop breathing, how did his heart not stop? And most importantly, how could he continue to write music? Kantati, cello suites, masses, concerts... The most beautiful music the world has heard. Do you know how he did it?

At the end of the his music, he always wrote "Soli Deo gloria" (Glory to God alone) and in the beginning, "Lord help.” Therefore, you can pray during Bach's music because the music itself is prayer. You could, then, consider Bach's music a conversation between man and God. How do you deal with pain? Worship is the best solace.

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