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Steve Barbour - Tenor Vocals

     Steve has been singing since he was a small child.  His parents joke that he was born singing! Steve had no choice but to love music as his father was a music minister for over 40 years.  Steve and his family sang as the Barbours.  He also had a 15+ year tenure with Commonwealth Quartet and a short stint with Called Out Quartet. 

     He is known in this area as "Mr. Fill In Singer" since he has filled in with groups like the Crossmen Quartet, Called Out Quartet, Joymakers, Heartland Quartet, New Direction, Music City Boys and many others.  Steve has also been worship leader for more than 20 years.  His goal in life is for God's unlimited and unending love and grace be shown through his life and testimony.  

     Steve has been a music director for more than half of his life.  He yearns for everyone to be able to enjoy music, that is why the music Living Proof sings is so diverse. Steve is very much a family oriented man.  He is married to Tina Barbour.  Together, they have three daughters, Taylor, Lindsey and Madison and a son, Mason.

Tina Barbour - Alto Vocals & Piano


     Tina has been involved in church music ministry most of her life.  She started taking piano lessons at the age of 8.  At the age of 10, her family started attending a small Nazarene church that didn’t have a pianist.  Pre-selected hymns became part of her weekly lesson, and she became the church pianist.  Tina has continued to play for church since that time and is currently the pianist for Eastwood Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  In addition to playing for church, opportunities have developed for her to accompany Western Kentucky University music majors for voice/instrumental recitals as well as playing for the University’s Easter sunrise services.
     Her love for singing began as a child with the Happy Day Singers choir.   As she grew into her teenage, college and young adult years, she traveled and sang with a 10-member ensemble, Faith, Hope and Love, and continues to be committed to adult choir with singing and piano accompaniment.  After marriage and children, she began to minister in the area of children’s music, directing children’s choir and musicals, as well as co-directing adult choir and musicals.  Tina is so thankful for a Christian family that had her at church whenever the doors were opened.  She is proud to be an extension of a Christian heritage that precedes her by many generations.  Tina wants her life to be a reflection of Christ, honoring, glorifying and worshiping Him in voice and instrument.


Laura Smoyer - Soprano Vocals

     Laura K. Smoyer (Polston) was born to Reverend Garry and Lula Polston. Laura’s father traveled and sang full-time in the Southern Gospel Music Industry. Born into a singing family, it would not be long before anyone suspected Laura to sing for the Lord as well. 


     By the age of three, Laura sang on the radio for the first time on Garry’s radio program. While her father was on the road spreading the word of God, her mother took her to every concert in a 150 mile radius. On Father’s Day of 1984, Laura was gloriously saved. Her father led her to the Lord and had the honor of baptizing her at a river in Greensburg.


     Laura began singing with her family at local churches when her father was not on the road. She graduated high school in 1992 and then attended the first two years of ‘The Steve Hurst School of Vocal Ministry & Performance’ in Nashville, Tennessee.


     It was there she met a friend and the formed a group called New Creation. They traveled over most of Missouri, Arkansas & parts of Kentucky. Years later, Laura joined her family and began to travel and sing at many churches all over. Known as The Garry Polston Family, they traveled many miles and had the honor to sing with such groups as The Crabb Family, The Isaacs, The Nelons, Perfect Heart, The Perrys & the world famous JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet.


     After much praying and seeking God’s will, Laura left her family group in 2007 and branched out with a solo career. She was able to minister in Atlanta, Georgia as a soloist as well as at her home church on the Music Team.  She moved closer to her parents in 2018 so that she could be with them more often and assist in taking care of them. Laura is married to Dennis Smoyer and they currently live in Frankfort, Kentucky. They have 6 beautiful children, Alexis, Josh, Noah, Autumn, Zachary and Hope. They do have a miniature poodle mix named Buddy that they adore!

     Laura has never met a stranger and she is “Country as Cornbread”! She loves to sing and encourage others and looks forward to meeting you at a concert soon!

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